A Few Things To Remember And Take Into The New Year.


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First off.  I’m just me.  No expert.  But this year has been one to learn a lot from.  So I wanted to share it.  To possibly help another person.  This is why I have a blog. To share what I learn, to possibly help another.

So, I hope you take and find something in this post that will help you in the coming New Year.




Never Give Up On Where You Feel You Need To Be.


In work, in your life, in your personal life, in your health and fitness, in your nutrition, etc. Do NOT give up on moving forward to that place in your heart, mind and soul you KNOW you were meant to be, meant to reach.  That place you need to be, to be the best you, you can be.  The most authentic you, possible.  The BEST you possible.  You will feel it as a driving force, something you NEED to do, need to follow, a need to get where you want to be, where you need to be.  Where you were meant to be.  Never stop moving forward to that place.





Be Kind To Yourself.


NEVER be easy on yourself that you don’t push yourself to get the job, whatever it is , done.  BUT, if you stumble or trip, be easy on that heart.  It’s working hard, it’s fighting each day.  If you are doing your best, keep doing it.   If you feel you aren’t, Then do it.  It will always be the best thing for you, To put that effort in and to do your best.  The best thing for your heart.

If you are not getting the results your hoped for, Then change it up.  Try something else, something new, but never stop trying and always be understanding to the person who is fighting each day and sincerely trying.




 Be Kind To Others.


This is something that no matter what is happening, you are dealing with or going through, continue to do.  ALL good will come back to you.  ALL good.  I believe it never goes unseen or unheard.

For me that is God.  Maybe for you, it’s something else.   Kindness is never wasted or useless,  it never will be a mistake.  Be true to yourself and be you.  Give to others and be kind. Give of yourself.  You will only grow and expand as a kind and loving heart.  It’s something the world needs more of… we ALL need more of it.

It will always be something right.




Be Honest


This is something that I have always made a point of for myself.  It’s very simple.

Honesty will always be the best route and the best and right choice.  It will always be respected.






Have Faith


Keep going.  Keep trying.  Because even in your worst moment, there is another one coming up.  It will be a better one.  Only if it’s even just SLIGHTLY a better one at the moment..  It will change.  No matter what it is, or how long it might take, it will change because change is one of the constants of this life.  It is something you can count on.  Change is inevitable.

I’m not great…. at change.  But I THINK I am getting better, slowly,  at it.  Never give up.  No matter what it looks like right now, the next moment or maybe it will take 10, 000 next moments.  Yes …..it might take 10, 000 next moments……but it will come.  That corner… that turn, that better moment.  IS coming…  So, Never….Give….Up. 

You OWE this to yourself.





That brings us up to……….. change.  Blech. lol



Change.  Try Not To Hate It.  Try To Appreciate It.


Oh boy.  Yep. I said that.   Why..  Because its coming no matter what you do.  It’s coming.  It can be good or bad.   I’m finding the best thing is to be it’s friend.  For your sake.  Find a way to welcome it.  Now, if it’s a bad change.  I know that will be and feel impossible.   I know.  But somewhere in that change, I have a feeling, there will be something at some point that will happen that will be good in some way.  Oh it may take a long time, maybe a REALLY long time….to see or feel …or actually find.   But something good, in some part of the change, maybe  even because of it, somewhere, will be good.

When I lost my Mom, a change no one should ever know.  It took a LONG TIME , but in the middle of it there was a tiny ray of hope that got bigger and grew…and life changed…. and I became a different person….Change.   Learn to like, live with  …or at least be better with change.  I’m still trying.  But I’m trying.   Change.

It’s not always bad.  🙂





My hope and wish and prayer for everyone is to have a wonderful New Year, a year full of love, health and happiness!.  🙂




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planet Earth's magnetic field against Sun's solar wind (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

How deep is the rabbit hole?
Where does the truth stop and the fiction begin?
How much of what we know is true?

With absolute certainty, I can answer the last question. Almost everything of what we have been told is a lie.
I know that many of you were questioning my statements about the health. A great majority of those who had the courage to try my recommendations had a pleasant surprise. The chronic health problems that have been torturing you most of your adult lives have disappeared. How is this possible when you actually did things contrary to the scientific truth you have been following before.
Obviously, the science you have been following was wrong but this is the mainstream science which we have to memorize through our “miseduacional” schooling programs.
Well, at least now you know that the medical diplomas are not worth the paper they are written on.

How about the other “truths?”

Let us look at the history.
The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the liberation of the masses from the feudal tyrants we are being told. In fact, the Bolshevik revolution was a regime change paid and orchestrated by the Zionist Jews. Only those who had lived in Communism know how evil and controlled that regime is.

For sure the American civil war was about freeing the slaves. Wasn’t it?
Wrong again, it was all about monopolizing the Jewish Zionist banking empire.
Come to think of it, the fate of the Titanic was sealed by the same aspiration. There was no iceberg to be found miles around the area where the Titanic went down but the opposing banking elite to the Zionist Rothschild’s lead banking Cabal that took the ride ended up drowning.

At least the government which was voted to power by the people, for the people, did the best to protect those people from harm. Is that correct?
Think again. President Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack on Perl Harbor and kept it quiet so that the most damage and loss of American human lives occur. This was used to incite the sentiment of the American people and provoke them to join the WW2 from which the bankers and the political elite prospered financially.
We can go on and on revealing the historical frauds but let us move on.

Let’s move onto the evolution.
Since we are constantly evolving and taking the genetic expression into a count, we have developed from monkeys as our closest relatives. Correct?
Well maybe you did if you think so, I certainly did not.
Things do not just happen. The creation is exactly what it states it is, a creation. It was created, and the creation is being altered in time. It is evolving but not as a chain of circumstantial events. Evolution is a controlled process and it is designed to occur in a certain way. There are no accidents or miracles, just experience.
If you want to understand why we have been misinformed, please watch this video

Contrary to what we are being told that we used to be small and now as we are evolving we are becoming taller, there is a plenty of evidence showing that the life on planet Earth was larger in the past.
The plants were tremendous, bears and tigers were huge an so where the humans or a better word is the Humanoids as they were different creatures from us. The proof of this has been excavated many times but the knowledge of it is carefully hidden. Another fraudulent science must be protected and that science is the religion.
Because of the religion, many scientific discoveries were suppressed and manipulated into what we call the popular science. The science that we are allowed to know. That is the science through which we are manipulated and enslaved.
Now we are being sold another pile of garbage under the name of the Flat Earth.

As a sailor, I know that the Earth is curved but there is much more to it. A new knowledge is being released showing us that our planet is a hollow ball.

Reading Book Together

We refer to our planet as a living organism which it is. This is the reason why there is something wrong with its magnetic field.

When we analyse the electromagnetic fields of living organisms, there is one thing that is constant. This is their polarity.
Every living thing is charged magnetically in such a way that their outside surface is positively charged and inside they are negative.
Planet Earth was behaving electromagnetically as an inert object having one end positively and the other end negatively charged, similarly to an electromagnet.

Something strange is happening with the electromagnetic field of the Planet Earth. The North Pole which is positively charged is moving but what is happening with the South Pole?

The explanation you will hear in the video below, but before you listen to this video be prepared for some mind-blowing statements.

Can you handle the new information?
Are you capable of bypassing your brain filters?

You may wonder how much of it is true and what is a lie?
The information in this video resonates with me in more than one way.
The truth is stranger than the fiction. You do not have to embrace it all at once.
Let it sink in. Meditate on it and ask questions.

If you are wondering what has this type of information got to do with our health, the answer is simple. CONQUERING THE FEAR!

As long as we live in fear, we are opening the doors to diseases.
As soon as you realize that you are directly involved in the creation of your reality and you learn the secrets of how to use your power to manifest instantly, you will not only control your health, you will control your image and the reality that surrounds you.

Open your mind, absorb the new information, meditate and learn to use the power God gave you.


If you have wondered why I end my articles with the symbols of light and love, they are the essence of our reality.
The LOVE represents the everlasting spirit, the real I am, and the LIGHT is the holographic experience of what we refer to as the LIFE experience.

The symbol of CELEBRATION encompasses the two together.

So have fun, learn, and CELEBRATE.


Silhouette freedom young woman Enjoying on the hill and 2018 years while celebrating new year, copy spce.

A Year of Collecting Food Scraps in A Bucket

It has been my first full year of composting, or really, my first full year of saving food scraps and keeping them in a bucket on my fire escape until it gets picked up to be made into compost.


Each month before I set my bucket out on the front step, I used my hanging scale to weigh it, diligently tracking my results in a spreadsheet.


And now, here we are, twelve months later, and we have successfully diverted a total of 287 pounds (plus some here or there) from the landfill!

compost bucket7

It is pretty impressive and I am very proud of myself for this accomplishment!

Here’s the month by month breakdown of our food waste poundage.

  • January 15.5 lbs
  • February 17.22 lbs
  • March 12 lbs
  • April 18.71 lbs
  • May 8.8 lbs
  • June 20.44 lbs
  • July 22.84 lbs
  • August 25.4 lbs
  • September 19.74 lbs
  • October 21.61 lbs
  • November 18.5 lbs
  • December 14.58 lbs

That’s 287 pounds of organic matter going back into our soil and helping plants thrive. Wahoo!


Closeup portrait young woman with sensitive toothache crown problem about to cry from pain touching outside mouth with hand isolated on gray background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling

The wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that appear usually around 18 years of age.

Because by this age we think that we have accumulated wisdom, those teeth are called the wisdom teeth.

Actually, here comes our first test of our wiseness. If our wisdom teeth are healthy and we allow to be convinced to have them removed, we have done a lousy job in getting wise.

What is the thing with the wisdom teeth and why are so many people having their wisdom teeth removed?

By the time the wisdom teeth start growing, we are adults and we have all but forgotten the discomfort that a growing tooth creates.

Growing tooth is painful as it ruptures through the gums. It creates a problem in chewing the food and it seems like it is taking forever for the wisdom tooth to set in place and stop hurting.

As there isn’t much space for it, a pressure is created on the rest of the teeth to move a bit so the whole painful experience may affect not just the one tooth but we can feel a discomfort in the entire lower or upper jaw.

Sometimes there really isn’t enough space and the rest of the teeth cannot accommodate the wisdom tooth so it sets in crooked and continues bothering us.

Sometimes it does not come to the surface or it rots before it completely sets in. So there is definitely a time when we have no other option but to take them out.

Asian girl group use dentist equipment to clean tooth for prevent toothache and good healthy concept.

If we check some of the statistics, it becomes obvious that in less than 3% of people, the wisdom teeth or a wisdom tooth will create a problem and has to be extracted.

The same statistic shows that more than two-thirds of the people in the modern society have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Why is this happening?

When we feel pain in our jaw, we pay a visit to the dentist. He diagnoses the problem as the growing wisdom tooth and immediately he/she suggests it to be removed.

If you ask why, the schoolbook answer is that there is a limited space in the mouth and the wisdom tooth may cause misalignment of the teeth, and we do not really need it. The wisdom tooth is a remnant piece of our past when we needed more teeth but now we do not need them and some other stupidities that we have been told by our “miseducational” schooling program of the popular science.

The question is, do we need wisdom teeth?

No, we do not but then, we do not need the second set of molars either. We can live perfectly well without them so there should not be a question of their necessity. We do not need two kidneys but this does not mean that we should now go and have one kidney extracted does it?

Since we are living in the increasingly toxic environment and the health recommendations given to us by our health specialists are preventing the cleansing of our bodies, we are becoming very dehydrated and toxic in early age. Our bodies do not work properly and the health problem starts occurring.

A dry tissue shrinks in its size so this happens with the jaw as well. This not only reduces the available space for the wisdom tooth but it also creates a difficulty for the other teeth to move and adjust to the newcomer. This may be the reason why did the wisdom tooth twist and came out crooked.

Since the dietary carbohydrates form the major part of most peoples diet, their bodies are acidic. To maintain their blood alkaline, a buffer from the bones is used to alkalise the blood. This creates osteoporosis but it also makes the tooth fragile.

As the glucose abundant diet changes the genetic expression and lowers the immune system, caries easily attacks the teeth.

Now, if you are a 20-year-old adult with growing wisdom tooth, there is a great possibility that one of your adjacent molars to the wisdom tooth has caries or have been previously drilled and destroyed by the dentist. Instead of having the new healthy wisdom tooth extracted, you may want to get rid of the already destroyed molar since the new wisdom tooth will easily take its place. The teeth are not set in a place forever. With a constant pressure, you can force them to move. This is why braces are used to align the teeth.

cute cartoon wisdom teeth with health concept

Unfortunately, this is not what you will hear from your dentist. They will rather take out the healthy tooth since they are sure that sooner or later the damaged tooth will need more maintenance.

It is all about the money.

Somehow, the dentist forgets to mention that 7-10% of wisdom teeth extractions end up in complications, creating more health problems than the wisdom tooth would create if it was not touched by the dentist.

Now if you take in the consideration that two-thirds of people had their wisdom teeth extracted, and only less than the 3% of them could have developed a problem and 7-10% of the extractions will end up being problematical and require further medical attention you can see how lucrative business can extraction of wisdom teeth become.

My suggestion is, save your body parts and learn how to take care of them.

Love and light.

Enjoy the festivities and have a good time.


Close up of common eye infection and inflamnmation during eye examination.

It is more than two years since I wrote an article specifically about inflammation.

Recently I was sent an article which supposedly sheds a light on to the relation of the inflammation and chronic diseases and as expected, the article is a total miss and serves more as a misinformation piece rather than an educational one.

This is the article that was posted on Wakingtimes.com :


The author of this article correctly states how the inflammation plays a role in every chronic disease but then the standard narrative takes over blaming the inflammation to be the cause of chronic health problems.

Some doctors are confused realizing that inflammation is a part of self-preservation which the body uses to protect and heal itself since it brings a higher amount of white blood cells into the affected tissue.

Only, the inflammation often occurs when there is no pathogen present and since in this case there is no gen and antigen interaction which we are told is the cause of inflammation, those doctors explain this as an autoimmune effect where the body is confused and for some reason, it harms itself by causing unnecessary inflammation. In this case, doctors assume that the inflammation is causing harm.

This is nonsense but because of our bad education, it becomes the only conclusion doctors can come up with.

Such explanation of inflammation you can find on most health sites. One of them is the Web MD.


I am not picking on Web MD, I could as well use the Mayo Clinic site or any other influential site including the alternative sites as Dr. Mercola for example. They all use the same logic since their knowledge is based on the popular science of lies and deceits we are all bombarded with through our education.

Thrombophlebitis in human leg. Painful inflammation of the leg veins. Medical issue

Once we set aside what we have been told and we look at what is happening with an opened mind we realize how nothing of what we have been told makes sense.

To understand why inflammation occurs we can back-engineer the process.

What do we typically find in inflamed tissue?

We find the blood vessels in a spasm. They are constricted.

If we reduce the volume of the blood vessels, what happens?

The tissue is like a bag which has an artery that brings the blood in and a vein through which the blood exits. When you constrict the artery you will get the same effect as when you squeeze the end of a water hose. The pressure in the hose increases and the water comes out with a narrower but a stronger squirt. Basically, the same amount of the water passes through.

The same happens with the squeezed artery.

But when the vein constricts, the outgoing flow becomes restricted and more blood become trapped inside of the tissue. The internal pressure of the tissue is rising and pressing on the sensory nerve causing first an itch and with increased pressure, the itch changes into the pain.

The affected tissue becomes full of blood, swollen, red, and painful. This we call inflammation.

What would be the reason for the inflammation to occur? When would the body benefit from this process?

1 If there was an injury and the body wants to wash off the wound.

2 When a pathogen is detected. Increased blood flow will bring a higher amount of white blood cells, more oxygen and more water which is needed to flush the pathogen away.

3 Allergy, when foreign protein is stuck onto the cells of the tissue. If the cells are lacking water they cannot part with water to wash their surface so inflammation allows those cells to easily absorb some water to be able to do this job.

4 Acidic cells within a tissue or an organ. Increased cellular acidity impedes normal cellular work so when a tissue has acidic cells, the inflammation is set in motion as a forced hydration. By increasing the extracellular pressure of the blood or lymph, the cells are forced to hydrate even if they have decided not to hydrate and have stopped the osmotic cellular pump.

Why would cells do such a thing as refusing to hydrate themselves putting the whole body in danger?

There are several reasons for this but the most common is toxic blood. I explain this in my book and through many articles on this blog site.

5 To immobilize a joint and prevent it from moving. If the cartilage is damaged further movement will cause more harm and pain. Inflammation swells the joint. This prevents it from further movement and more injury. At the same time, it allows forced hydration and reparation to take a place.

As you can see, there is not one case of self-inflicting harm or unreasonable behavior which would point to self-destruction or as we are told to call it the autoimmune reaction.

Once when we realize that inflammation is the response of healing, every interference with this process is an attack on our health.

Now you realize why I state that turmeric is not our savior but does exactly the opposite. It interferes with natural healing response of the body by producing the anti-inflammatory reaction.

We eat toxic food which forces our body to defend itself by engaging the inflammation and then we patch it up with a medicinal remedy such as the turmeric and suppress the body from protecting and healing itself.

Now we are not even aware that we are poisoning our body and we call it a healthy living.

The Internet is full of sites and videos about this type of “healthy living”.

Again I am not picking on the turmeric. The same applies to the garlic, ginger, cinnamon, onion, black pepper…and every other plant with medicinal properties including the high, near-lethal doses of vitamins which we are told to use for medicinal purposes.

Here I am not bashing the medicinal plants. I am just explaining how they work and why we should not be using them if we are not in pain (medical emergency).

It is a common practice to use those plants in daily cooking as prophylactics, to prevent the inflammation or health issue from occurring in the future. Now you understand that this is an error and such practice actually triggers health problems itself.

I have seen many doctors popping pills to keep their immune system strong.

I saw mothers giving their children aspirin if the flu season approached as prophylaxis so that their child does not catch the flu.

Those are ridiculous and harmful practices of ignorant and mislead people.

This is why it is so important to learn the truth. Our body is a perfect self-healing robot and it will heal itself if you provide it with what it needs.

Since we have forgotten how to support our body and we have stopped to listen to its subtle signaling, I have created the “Self Healers Protocol” which is designed to do just that.

Provide your body with what it needs and let it cleanse and heal itself.

Our body will never intentionally harm itself. Everything the body does is intended to better itself, to recover and heal.

If we interfere with this process, we harm our health and this is exactly what we are doing when we use medicinal remedies for prolonged periods of time. Using medicinal remedies as additives to our food, we are doing just that.

Since medicinal remedies prevent hydration, they prevent the cleansing as well.

Since there is no cleansing, there are no symptoms of the cleansing present. So such people never experience the flu symptoms and they pride themselves on being extremely healthy. This is a misunderstanding. We are living in a toxic world and cleansing has to occur with all of its symptoms. If they do not cleanse, the cells become toxic and in time the body will collapse. Those people will experience big problems later in life even when they start doing the correct thing. Their cellular toxicity is high and so is the cellular damage. For them, the hydration, cleansing, and healing become a long and often painful road to recovery which will often encompass various inflammatory processes as their bodies will be using them to hydrate, mobilize and heal itself.

I hope that now you understand inflammation and that you see it in a completely different color. Allow it to illuminate your way to health and completely new you.

I love you all.

Young female veterinarian cleaning dog ears at the veterinarian clinic

The Washroom Essentials. 🛀

Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ in your body? Below I have listed a list of products I have been using for ages now and def recommend! It’s important to know what goes into you body. Every purchases count. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it! 🤷‍♀️ That’s been my motto for years now. When it comes to beauty products, I take some extra time to research the ingredients and triple make sure there’s nothing wrong, or weirdly sounding.

I’d love to hear your favs washroom essentials!

  • Avalon’s Organic Tea Tree Oil Conditioner — I have been using this conditioner for a couple of years now, and it’s the only one my hair loves. Here’s a secret: I rarely use shampoo and run straight for conditioner. I love the tea tree oil in this conditioner, it is strong and does the work well. I like to apply it first thing in the shower, wash-up, and then rinse. It is the perfect detangler for my untamed curls!
  • Herb’n Eden Activated Charcoal Soap — I had the pleasure of Terran, the amazing gal behind Herb’N Eden this Summer and she’s awesome! I love how the peppermint takes over my shower once under the warm water. This soap leaves my skin hydrated, and clean! Another soap I enjoy is their Grapefruit & Himalayan Salt, perfect for exfoliating!

Love Wellness’s Do It Wipes + The Killer.

  • Love Wellness Do It all Wipes — We all wash, and exfoliate our skin but what about our vagina? She needs love, too! I have been using these wipes for some time now, and love them. They are perfect for on the go, too. Cute millennial pink packaging with a purpose, I’m in! 🙋 They are gentle, with a mild coconut scent. No irritation down there! Grab yourself a pack, girlfriend! Thanks, Lo! *My aunt loved & used The Killer (as seen in image)
  • Green Beaver Spearmint Natural Toothpaste — Another long time usage for me. I fell in love with their Frosty Mint Toothpaste, and haven’t stopped using them since. It’s effective, tastes great. If you like minty toothpaste, you’ll dig the spearmint. I love that this toothpaste is free of fluoride, and many other harmful ingredients that one can’t even pronounce! My runner-up would have to be Trader Joe’s Antiplaque Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste!
  • Little Barn Apothecary Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil — It would be an understatement to say that I don’t enjoy this body oil. It’s my FAVOURITE!! I like to mix my shea butter with 2-3 drops, and smother it all over my body! Great moisturizer, and hydrates super fast. I am not big for perfumes (haven’t found one I like just yet) so I just leave the amazing aroma of Honeysuckle to do the work for me!

  • Schmidt’s Naturals Lavender + Sage Deodorant —  I have been using Schmidt’s foreva – before the solid stick, and newly design branding/packaging. I remember running a giveaway for their pit creams, oh the days. All to say that it works, I haven’t had any troubles with is especially after trying 20,938 kinds. Finding a natural + cruelty-free deodorant that works takes time. But sadly, Schmidt’s is now signed with Unilever, and this is something I personally can’t support. Yes, they are going to remain cruelty-free, and that’s amazing, too! I will continue to use my stick until it’s done, but I am in the market for a new pit friend, holler.

Note: This is a personal decision, and it shouldn’t dictate your decision to try this brand. Schmidt’s a great company, and I am thankful for their products! As a vegan (hello 9 years), this is where I stand. I love how open Tashina of Logical Harmony shares her opinion on the matter, and I can def see her side of the story. She’s a rad cruelty-free beauty blogger that you should follow, too!  You can find the video here.

As you can see, I am not much of a hoarder when it comes to my essentials. I do have a sensitive skin, and try to keep things as minimal as possible. I am simply working on what works for me — as it should be. The brands/products listed took weeks to approve! I do have runner-ups, and always open to trying new things!

But for now, I’d love to know about yours! What are some of your favourite washroom essentials?!


** Featured image by Logan Ripley on Unsplash.**