Self-Love Wednesday: Read!

It’s Wednesday, and I’m here to introduce you to a new way to refresh your week as we hit the “hump” day. There’s nothing more soothing than finding a few hours to yourself away from anything work related. Here’s a simple one — replace your social app with a book, or a magazine. It’s time to get lost in the reading realm, girlfriend! It is something so simple, yet hard for some of us to find time to do.

I have been an avid reader since I was a kid, I’m part of that study, yeah. And while this continues until today (a bit less these last couple years), this year I decided to give myself a number of books to read and indulge in. I would love to join a book club even — I used to host one myself, they are fun! So today as part of our weekly “Self-Love Wednesday“, I encourage you to find something you want to read, and dive in!

Not the book holding type? Try an audiobook! I haven’t tried that option yet but when I do I’ll make sure to share my thoughts. If it works, why not? I’m all for the intimate reading experience. I love to hold and smell books. I’m also a note taker. Keeping things minimal? Try a Kindle + Kindle app. I have an older gen of Kindle and it’s perfect for on the go and it saves money! I am still a book buyer, that will never leave me.

Here’s what I’m reading this month:

1: Thoughtfully Magazine

I love magazines, it’s no brainer I founded my very own last year. As I get back to my roots and dive deeper into wellness, and nutrition, I thought it would be great to find a publication that reflects just that. I love Thoughtfully Magazine, and can’t wait for their newest issue to it stands. As for now, issue 08 is the first issue I purchased (digital) and fell in love with. It truly captured my lifestyle and introduced me to some great new practices, and products.

Thoughtfully Magazine Issue 08 Cover. Image by Thoughtfully

Print Issues | Digital Issues 

2. Crazy Love —

As I get closer to God and build our relationship, this book is the perfect read for understanding His love for us. It’s funny, I purchased this book 2 years ago and started a couple chapters then but never finished it. I am glad that it happened this way because the woman I was back then isn’t the same as today. Today I understand more, and this book means a lot more to me. Francis Chan does a great job sharing God’s love with us.


Sample Chapter | Buy Here

3. How Not To Die: Discover The Foods Scientifically Proven To Prevent and Reserve Diseases —

I’m not going to lie, the title definitely took me by surprise! If there were a pill to avoid death I’m sure everyone would be on it. Well, how about our health? Have you ever thought about what you’re eating and how it is affecting your body? Dr. Micheal Greger, M.D and leading expert in nutrition and whole foods plant-based eating. He does a great job at sharing science-backed information on how healing plants are, on what to avoid and incorporate into your daily meals. How Not To Die Cookbook is now available, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

How Not To Die by Michael Greger, MD, and Gene Stone.

About | Buy Here

What are you reading?!?! Let me know, I’d love to check it out!



Atom royalty-free stock photo

As you had noticed, it is impossible to explain many things in medicine if we do not open our mind to the possibility of the energetic fields and their influence on our body.

Often, the frequencies are mentioned and their influence on our body is astonishing.

Watch this video and see how when the correct frequency is applied, in this case, the frequency is transmitted through the sound, stimulates the growth of new teeth.

Different frequencies will stimulate different organs and limbs or fingers can be regrown.

To be able to explain these things we need a help of quantum understanding.

In the year of 2015th, I have published an article explaining the basics of frequencies from the quantum physics standpoint. Here is the article:


Since this is a blog on health, the information given is the basic foundation so that we can easier understand our reality and the functioning of our body.

In the above-mentioned article, I explain how motion in the field of energy produces circles. They collide creating various trigonometric forms which we call the sacred geometry.

One of the most important geometric shapes is an oval form we call the Vesica Piscis.

This form is where the light and the electricity are formed. Since the electricity is associated with the light, there has to be magnetism and gravitational fields involved. This automatically proves our science to be wrong when our physicists claim that the light has no mass and that for it has no weight.

Presence of electricity creates the MAGRAV (magnetic and gravitational) fields. The gravity gives the light its weight.

Since the light is a movement of energy it has its frequency. Different frequencies of light are expressed in different colors. As such, the light is a wave and the different frequencies represent the different wavelengths. When light passes through liquid or crystal, the different wavelengths will bend in different angles and in this way separate one from each other. This produces the visible colors of a rainbow.

From my above-mentioned article, you had learned that the light can manifest itself also in a particle form.

Now, this is disputed by some experts and rightly so, because the light has always a waveform.

Now the question arises, what is the double-slit experiment all about then?


The double-slit experiment shows us several important things.

First that the light is conscientious of its existence. It changed its behavior when it was observed and behaved as if it was in a particle form.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that even when the light is observed just before it hit the wall, it behaved as if it was in a particle form. This means that it passed the slits in a waveform since it was not observed there but since it hit the wall as a particle this means that the light didn’t want to disappoint the observer and it has changed its attitude by correcting its past. It is like if the light backtracked back to the slits and passed them in the particle form just to satisfy our expectation.

How can a simple observation change the behavior of the light?

Well, it cannot. Simple observation will not change the expression of the light. We are observing sunlight and the colors of the rainbow. The light is in the waveform even though we are observing it.

So what made the light change its form when it was observed in the laboratory?

The behavior of the light was influenced by the expectation. Not only did the light know that it was being observed, the light knew what did the observer expect to see and it simply didn’t want to disappoint the observer.

Isn’t this something extraordinary? This is the proof of the instant manifestation.

Now we have something that does not exist, a light in a particle form, and we gave it a name. We call it the photon.

Photon is the smallest particle from which all matter is made from.

Mathematician Nassim Haramein has mathematically proved that photons squeezed into a small globe create the sacred geometry of the flower of life and we observe it as an electron. This means that the foundation of an atom is something that does not really exist. Isn’t this amazing?

Right here at the very beginning learning about the foundation of the quantum physics, you have learned that our reality is pure fiction.

Another thing that you have just learned is the power of your thoughts with which you influence the light to manifest for you, and to do so you use expectation.

Why it has to be an expectation? Why couldn’t it be simply your desire or your thought?

To manifest or as some call it to bent a light, you have to create an image of what you want to manifest and you have to be absolutely sure that this will happen.

Jesus Christ told us to be careful of what we want (because it can happen), but he also told us that to manifest we have to have faith. Jesus said that if you have faith you can move the mountains. You have to absolutely believe that what you want to manifest is going to happen.

When you are doing something, you expect certain things to happen. Those are the things that your brain can understand and it believes that they will occur. In this case, manifestation is easy and happens regularly and instantly.

Consciousness, metaphysics or artificial intelligence concept. Waves go through human head. 3D rendered illustration. royalty-free stock photo

When you stick your hand into a water, you expect it to get wet, and it does.

When you fall on your knee, you expect to experience a pain and to see your knee change the color, and it does.

Well, now you may say that this is normal and to be expected because of the properties of water or the hardness of the floor on which you had landed with your knee.

Is it really normal when we had just discovered that everything is only an illusion?

It is all normal because you expect it to be so. There is no other explanation for this.

Since the light has consciousness, this means that everything that exists in our “reality” is conscious of its existence. The realization of the fact that the light knows what you expect, is a proof of this.

Since all matter is an expression of the light under the influence of the brain’s expectation, this means that everything that forms our reality is conscious and knows what we are expecting to see or experience.

What you expect to see, you will see. What you expect to feel, you will feel, what you expect to happen will happen. What you expect, you automatically manifest.

The energy of consciousness, some call God, some call it Allah, some call it Vishnu… has created everything but through the eyes of the observer with expectations, a human.

Our life is just an experience of certain expectations. For this to be possible, our brain has to be loaded with certain programs of possibilities and the basic understanding of the game to be played.

Consciousness concept. Brain and signal waves in background. 3D rendered illustration. royalty-free stock photo

We can experience as our reality only what we can understand. This is why it is so important to never stop learning. The more information our brain had deciphered, the more possibilities can be created.

The more understanding we have, the more we can expect to happen and in this way, we manifest more and more complicated things. We create our reality.

The basic program is telling us how we look, what are we and what are those things that we see as reality around us. We are told that we have to eat to grow and to live. The program tells us the description of the frequencies that surround us and the brain program manifests them into objects utilizing the light.

For a long time, we have been told that the matter manifests itself in three forms, as gas, as liquid and as solid. Only recently we have been allowed to recognize the fourth form of matter and that is the plasma.

Why haven’t we been told earlier about the existence of plasma?

This was because we have been held in the darkness as far as our reality goes, and plasma is the building block for the creation of the matter especially when it comes to the “living” things.

Now I will give you some time to digest all of this and I will continue this topic on the following blog.

Love and light

Breakfast Doesn’t Have To Be Boring — Chia Pudding (Recipe)!

They say breakfast is the most important part of the day, mmmkay. My go-to was always coffee, ☕ but now that’s no longer the case. We sort of broke up, it was painful but necessary. I knew that I had to find a replacement, quick! I drink 16oz of water every morning, and then come to a meal — chia pudding!!  Made from chia seeds, these omega-rich seeds are exactly what you want to have for breakfast.

Chia Pudding For Breakfast! Try it!

I am happy to share my recipe, but I will say that it does have an acquired taste. I am not big on sugar and this recipe is not it if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet-tooth. BUT, you can totally add agave/any sweetener you like and adjust to your liking. I have once added peanut butter and coconut shreds- ohmy yum! Chia seeds are kind of amazing. If you’re looking for a superfood to kick-off two thousand eighteen, look no further, dear! These babies are high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids rich, heart healthy — great for inflammation, regulates cholesterol, energy booster, high in vitamins + minerals, protein, and plenty more. I have been eating them for ages now, and I have found no reasons to stop! I also like to eat this chia pudding during the day for a fulfilling snack. Plus, it makes for the perfect on-the-go companion. There are tons of ways you can add chia seeds to your diets such as smoothies, baked goods, pies, burgers, oatmeals, or even fruit salad. There is no harm in eating chia seeds raw or soaked. If you like a good crunch, go for it!

Choco Chia Pudding

  • 1 Cup of Almond Milk (Any plant mylk should work)
  • 1/3 Cup of Chia Seeds (organic + non-GMO preferred)
  • 1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Organic Cacao Powder (This is the brand that I use.)

Directions: Pour your mylk first into a glass/mason jar, and then add the chia seeds, cacao powder, and sweetener of your choice. Stir, and leave overnight or up to 2 hours in the fridge until you find a gel-like consistency. I would also suggest that you add the extra sweetener to your chia pudding once it is ready, that way you can decide if it needs more sweetness or not.

Note: You can add ANYTHING you’d like to your chia pudding. I also like to top it off with fresh fruits, and nut butter, too!


**DISCLAIMER: Any health-related tips from Self Wellness Chronicles is for educational purposes only. This educational blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please advise your physician before making any changes.

Are you a fan of chia seeds? How do you like to have them?


** Featured image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash **


Road Trips Are Essentials — It’s Time For A Ride. 

In an era where all things are possible online, it can be challenging to dive outside of your routine — pack up, and go! Yes, I’m talking traveling. A misconception of traveling I used to dwell on is that traveling should be done when your place of work grants your vacation days, or after saving money because — can’t afford it. When I speak to other people about why they haven’t traveled as much, these are also the two answers that become runner-up. If you’ve read the latest posting titled “exploring your city is a form of self-care” you know that it doesn’t have to cost much to see what’s in your own backyard.

I am very thankful that last year I had the chance to travel every other month with my best friend ds. Together we explored Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, New York (2x), Athens, Georgia, and Alabama. ✈ #jetsetters

— You can learn a lot about a person through traveling.

It is SO healthy to find a companion to travel with. It may sound funny to read but finding the right person to travel with is like taking a compatibility test. It matters. There are tons of details that come into play such as:

  • are you both a fan of walking in the city exploring or much rather uber everywhere? 
  • are you both comfortable sharing a room together? ds (male) and I share rooms and we’re pretty okay with hearing each other snore. #bff
  • are you both open to trying different things when it comes to eating out? Ditch the chain, eat locally. 
  • are you both taking in the moment to breathe, and seek a point of relaxation in a new city or are you simply on your phone doing it for the ‘gram?

Taking a trip somewhere doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself over a five-star resort on a private island. Nah. 🙅 It means taking that extra step to see the other states that surround you. I live in Georgia, and my surroundings states are Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. Have I gone to each one yet? Absolutely! And it didn’t take much time either. Knowing where to go first, and knocking down popular sight-seeings helps — make a list. Each of these states is a couple hour from me which translates to #daytrip in my book. If you feel like you’re falling in love with a city and need more time? Book a room, and enjoy some more!

I find leaving my surroundings once a month helps with my mental health and creative side, as it brings me back to reality with a boost of energy filled new ideas. Plus, food. 🤤

I encourage you to take the challenge to visit a new place this year. Again, it doesn’t have to be to a galaxy far far away but simply a 2-hour drive to an unknown location around you.

Are you a jet-setter?! ✈🚂🚌 — Do you plan and take road trips every once in a while?! 


** Featured image by Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash.**

Supplements – cleanses – alternative medicine THE FAKE SCIENCE 5

SWAZILAND - JULY 15: Sangoma's hut on 15 July 2000 at Swaziland. Sangoma is the shaman, healer and magicician in Swazi and Zulu culture.

This may be a touchy topic but it has to be addressed and explained because many people are being fooled and same as in the mainstream medicine, the results are interpreted the wrong way.

In the field of the alternative medicine, the supplement market is running wild. The health-food stores are popping up on every corner and the supplement market is more and more resembling the pharmaceutical industry showcases.

Blurred image of vitamin store shelves with huge variation of vitamins and supplements, natural remedies, functional food, lifestyle support, and herbal. Medical supplies product abstract background.

I know many people who have been listening to health gurus like David Wolfe (avocado) and Dr. Joseph Mercola and after initial success, their health stopped to improve and in time ended with dysfunctional bodies.

I am mentioning only two health gurus who became wealthy by spreading false information although the Internet is loaded with such people. Most of them are parrots simply repeating what they are served.

The truthfulness of their science is very obvious. One of them is becoming fat and the other is becoming bold and dry like a twig.

Why do I call the alternative medicine the fake science?

Because it is guided by the same manipulated “truths”.

The alternative medicine is guided by the same scientific beliefs that are supporting the allopathic medicine (modern medicine).

There are some deviations like the acupuncture for example, where the presence of energetic meridians is acknowledged and utilized. This is a step forward but it is not enough since the energetic pathways will become clogged again if the habits that brought the health problem are not changed.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Holistic medicine acknowledges the spiritual power of healing and the homeopathic medicine recognizes bodies ability to manufacture antidotes and create its own healing but they are all basing their scientific knowledge on the same false and controlled science of the modern medicine.

They all have one thing in common and that is to deal with the symptom and the real culprit or the underlying cause of the disease is never touched.

The result is ongoing deterioration of the body and premature death often associated with discomfort and pain.

In my opinion, any one of the alternatives is better to follow than the modern medicine. You will have a healthier life with less pain at least further into the older age. Why did I specify older and not old age?

Because unless we change our habits and the principal science about the workings of our body, our lives will be short. Do not think that being 120 years of age is a long life. Since our genetic signature points that human life was programmed to last 600 years, 120 years old is just a teenager.

As I had pointed out in many of my articles we had forgotten what to eat and how to eat. Our diet and our lifestyle is to be blamed for our short lives and since we started to exaggerate and we have started to stuff our faces with tremendous quantities of the wrong and toxic stuff that we call our food, we had further shortened our lives and we have created many health issues which we classify as diseases.

Since we have lost the ability to communicate with our cellular structure, we have no idea what is going on in our body until the problem escalates to the point in which our body sends an ultimatum message in the form of the pain. This message means if you do not change what you are doing, you will die. The cellular structure has exhausted all alternatives and no longer can cope with the toxicity.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Now we go to see our health provider and the focus is on the pain. As soon as the pain is suppressed we are told that we have been cured and everything is ok.

The toxic body changes the cellular environment. This reprograms the genetic expression which results in different cellular behavior. The blood picture changes and here is where we see the different approaches dealing with those changes but not a single one goes down to the core problem of the nutrition.

Some health-conscious people are realizing the importance of the proper diet but then they follow the same wrong and manipulated scientifically approved dietary recommendations.

There are some old beliefs about diet which many people are following. One of the oldest is the Ayurveda diet of India. This diet promotes ingestion of dietary carbohydrates but classifies our bodies into digestive groups. All this is incorrect and I proved this to my friend who is an Ayurveda doctor.

There are only those digestive types that we had created through the food that we eat but there is only one healthy diet for all humankind. I had explained this in my previous articles on nutrition. and in my book “The Resonance of Nutrition”.

Since we are in the time of evolution and great changes are happening all around us and within our bodies, I will start writing a couple of articles that will allow us to accept those changes and empower us to be able to use those extraordinary new abilities in forming our perfect world around us. We will be able to heal ourselves and others in an instant and we will be able to change whatever we do not like about our body. I just hope that there will still be some diversity and that not everyone will look like Barbie and Ken. I can’t stand them.

MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 18: A model walks the runway during the Moschino show as part of Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 on September 18, 2014 in Milan, Italy.

After you learn more about the way our reality operates, you will realize that all of the money you had spend on supplements, vitamins, and aphrodisiacs was a pure waste.

When our scientists tell us that there are essential elements that our body cannot produce and we have to kill to get to them, they are wrong because no one is really healthy so all those scientific findings are based on tampered samples.

Instead of medicating people with drugs, the alternative health gurus are medicating people with additives, supplements, and vitamins. All those things our robot (body) can produce by itself but only when we know how the robot works and how to use it correctly.

Many health enthusiasts become surprised as they let go of their supplements and vitamins during the Self Healers Protocol and their bodies start to work better than ever. Even Viagra becomes obsolete.

Some people undergo unpleasant liver, colon and kidney cleanse. They go through this annoying process sometimes several times a year thinking that they are healing their bodies. Well, this is what they have been told. Yes, they can see the difference. They witness what comes out of their bodies and they feel lighter and better (sometimes) but if this is a healing protocol why do they have to repeat it so often?

The reason is the fact that those cleanses are exactly what they say they are, cleanses. They clean the passages through the increased flow of fluid but they do not heal anything, and they do not do one thing that they all claim happens when they are implemented, and that is a deep cellular cleansing.

All those specific cleanses are based on medicinal action (medicinal = toxic). They actually stop the cellular hydration and this means that not only do they not perform the cellular cleansing, they further pollute the cells of your body.

I do not mean to discourage you from doing those procedures but at least you understand what is exactly happening when you do them.

Since the Self Healers Protocol does flush the organs but performs the cellular hydration and cleansing as well, there is no benefit of any kind of doing any other separate cleanse.

I am mentioning this because I was asked about this individual cleanses from my clients on several occasions.

Again, for those who find themselves surprised why I refer to the people I help as clients and not patients, the chronic diseases do not exist, they are just reaction of our bodies to the toxicity. The names differentiate them and put them in different boxes when in fact they all have the same origin and cause.

Love and light to us all.

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Knowledge To Your Ear: #gowrkgrls™ Radio!

There’s a new girl gang in town, and I am a major fan —  #gowrkgrls™. If you remember Ladypreneur League then you’re in for a treat because #gowrkgrls™ is the 2.0 version brought to you by the ultimate boss gal, Porsha Thomas. Porsha is bringing us gals with an app that will help us connect, and hire professional women for our businesses. Whether it’s branding, budgeting, legal advice, or development, #gowrkgrls™ will soon become our go-to before anything else.

Don’t fret, even with the app in production, Porsha has managed to keep us engaged with a podcast. The #gowrkgrls™ Radio has launched its first season, with its first episode starring Sydia Bell “how it didn’t go according to plan”. You can hear it below, and on the #gowrkgrls™ Podcast Soundcloud Page.


Let me know what you think of the first episode, give #gowrkgrls™ a follow, and sign up for feature news regarding the #gowrkgrls™ official app coming soon!

Twitter: @gowrkgrls | Instagram: @gowrkgrls | Facebook: gowrkgrls

Faith Goes A Long Way!

Editor’s Note: This post was written + drafted on 12/29/17. 

As we’re approaching the new year (totes writing this two days before with a plan to schedule this post a week or so after the first. #transparency) it’s human nature to reflect on the year we’re getting ready to part with. We all have our ways to go about it to let loose and reflect. I have learned a lot in 2017, pushed myself a lot, made great contributions, but I’ve also hurt a lot, misplaced part me of myself, and cried a lot. Yup, the emo train had a rest stop at my door. But, in the midst of it all, I was able to remain strong, hopeful, and comforted. He did it all, my Father, Jesus.

I am writing this post because of a) this is my blog & b) I will not hide whom I worship, love, embrace and live for. Truth be told, He’s had my back more than anyone I’ve met circa ’17. Through my defeats, failures, and cries, He remained with me and gave me comfort, like the Father, He is.

For the last two years, I’ve told myself that I would get started with She Reads Truth‘s Monthly Bible Studies but that totally failed. This year — hello 2018, I’m doing it. I have been following She Reads Truth for ages now, found via Instagram, and fell in love. Seeing how much we (account’s social engagements) all love Him, and stand forever merciful of His grace is pretty awesome. I know He’s looking down at us saying, “you da best!”. Writing this post totally holds me accountable for my actions, and I will not disappoint this time.

If you’ve heard about She Reads Truth, I’d love to hear more about your experience finding a community such as them. I also would love to know if you’ve done any of their study group. I’m kicking off my readings with Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom study which also happens to be free on the app, ladies! If you’ve already doing a plan or thinking about doing a plan, I’d love for us to “e-join”, and do this together, let me know!

I have a couple of plans on my queued list and this year I definitely aim focus and ground myself for learning the Word of God. I want to know more and become stronger in my walk.

I know what I’ve been through, and I know who’s always had my back, and that’s Jesus. ✌

** Featured image by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash **


Self-Love Wednesday: TV & Chill!


noun   ˌself-ˈləv 
  • the instinct by which one’s actions are directed to the promotion of one’s own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for one’s own advantage.


Here I am in bed finally with a Hulu trial and happily starting to binge watch the last season of The Mindy Project. I have been watching this show since day one, and even though I’m sad that it’s ending, I feel good knowing it’s not the end to come from Mindy Kaling. Plus, this season takes on a lot of great references from today’s events!

Girlfriend, that glass of wine is totally worth it,🍷 but now let’s add a show to it. It’s time to take a few hours off to yourself with a show! Here I am 3 episodes in, fully committed, and happy to know that this is the only thing my mind can deal with. I’m not thinking about tomorrow’s workload, or what I’m going to have for lunch — that’s a thing.

Your mind deserves a time-out away from solving algorithms — the world, throwing boss meetings and feeding your neighbor’s cat. Laughter is medicine, and so is TV. I like to indulge in romantic comedies, with a strong female role! Love is real, but I love myself first so I binge-watch.

Alright, let’s wrap up this post before the last advertisement ends #noshame. Now find yourself a show to unwind with for the next 30 mins or 3 hours! 💆 Bake yourself a cake like I did, eat half of it without a guilt, and unwind 📺/🎬!

What’s in your queue? I’d love to hear your picks!



Diabetes – metformin – insulin THE FAKE SCIENCE 4

Overweight woman eating fast food.

As we continue debunking the fake science of medicine in regards to the fortune that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are making on the account of the human suffering through the perpetual never-ending system of permanent medication, diabetes is the jewel.

I would estimate that more than 90% of the diabetes is caused by the insulin resistance. Only very small percentage of diabetes is caused by the actual destruction of the pancreas and although it has not been “scientifically” proven, from my experience the damage was done by the new versions of a strong antibiotic overuse in children. I am sure that the same can happen to adults as well.

Is there really any difference between diabetes 1 and diabetes 2?

As I had mentioned, in most cases there is no difference at all. Diabetes 1, is just a severe version of diabetes 2.

If you notice that you are becoming thirsty more than usual and that you urinate a lot, this could be the first sign of elevated sugar in your blood.

After analysing your blood sugar, if elevated level of sugar is encountered, doctors will diagnose you with diabetes.

If the level of sugar is just elevated doctors will prescribe poisons that inhibit (suppress) the glucose production in your body. If the pill you have been given is satisfactorily controlling the level of your blood sugar by suppressing its production, you will be prescribed this pills and use them as long as they do their job. Eventually, the pills will fail and the doctor will put you on insulin. Now you will stay on the insulin to the end of your life as your body continues to decay. Your blood circulation will become compromised, you will lose sexual appetite and if you are a male you will become impotent, you will start losing your eyesight and most likely develop a foot gangrene. An amputation will follow. Probably the first thing to be taken away from you are your toes, then foot then the leg. Soon after the other leg will go as well and then your life.

The proud doctor who was in charge of your health will make sure that you know how he was able to extend your life and did the best in given situation but: did he???

close up of patient and doctor taking notes. vivid tone on sunset.

This is a million dollar question and the billion dollar answer is BULSHIT.

Excuse me for being harsh but in this situation of lie and deceit, this is the most appropriate term.

Why do I say a lie and a deceit?

The doctor never made an attempt to heal your body. All he did was to drug you with poisons that eventually after many years of suffering, cost you your life.

Let me walk you through the process in as a simple way as possible.

Once we start ingesting dietary (cooked or processed) carbohydrates, glucose becomes available for absorption and enters the blood.

Our body cannot explain how did the glucose found itself in the blood. Normally a stress is necessary for this to happen since the stress hormones are necessary to break the glucose – protein connection within the glycogen to release the glucose and make it available as an energy source.

Now as elevated levels of glucose are circulating in the blood pancreas is commissioned to produce extra insulin and release it into the blood. Without this insulin, our cells will not allow the glucose to enter and they would not use it as the fuel. Unfortunately, the insulin is an irritant and through the irritation forces the cells of our body to accept the glucose.

As we eat dietary carbohydrates daily, we are overproducing the insulin daily and our cells do not like it. The increased production of insulin stimulates increased production of the GLUT. GLUT is the sugar-transporting mechanism. As the levels of GLUT increase so does increase the sugar absorption and more and more sugar (glucose and fructose) finds its way into the blood.

Little by little the amount of the sugar becomes too high for the cells to burn so the liver starts to convert it into a fat, triglyceride.

As the levels of the absorbed glucose and fructose continue to increase the liver’s fat production exceeds the rate of the triglyceride release and deposition into the adipose tissue. This is the reason why the liver becomes loaded with fat. We call this a fatty liver syndrome.

As the levels of blood insulin rise so does the cellular irritation. To protect themselves from the insulin irritation the cells demand increased levels of cholesterol which they need so that they can thicken their membranes and protect themselves from the irritating insulin.

In time the cellular membrane becomes so thick that even the maximal levels of insulin that the body can produce are not strong enough to irritate the cells an force them to accept the glucose.

The blood level of sugar rises above the allowable limit and diuretic effect is put into the motion.

We start urinating the sugar out of our body. For this process, a lot of water is needed so our blood becomes dehydrated and we feel dry and thirsty.

The elevated levels of sugar can be found in the blood exam.

Diabetes Mellitus 2 was born.

Here I had explained several problems that occur because we ingest dietary glucose. You can clearly see that diabetes does not trigger circulatory problems and does not cause the fatty liver syndrome. They all come at the same time as the result of the wrong diet.

Here also you can clearly see that the heroic doctor did nothing to help the body.

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By giving a poison it prevented you from using the good sugar your body makes and forces you to accept the toxic glucose from plants which should never find itself in your body, to begin with.

As your “savior” prescribes you the poison that prevents you from synthesizing glucose he instructs you to make sure that you eat a small amount of dietary carbohydrates through several meals daily.

It is just a matter of time when the cellular resistance to insulin surpasses the production capabilities of your pancreas and the diabetes Mellitus 1 is born.

Now the inhibition of glucose production is not sufficient and insulin has to be injected since the only elevated amount of insulin can breach the cellular resistance to insulin.

Ever increasing levels of insulin create increasing cellular demand for the cholesterol as the cells continue to make their membranes denser. Now even water has difficulty to enter the cell and the blood circulation becomes more and more compromised as the blood vessels stiffen.

Not only the blood vessels become affected. All cells of our body will experience this problem including our eyes and nerves. This means that the brain will show difficulties in hormone creation and its function overall will be compromised.

So, in which way did your good doctor help you exactly?

All that your doctor had to do is to instruct you not to eat dietary carbohydrates. By him failing to do so, he compromised your health and put your life in danger.

Instead, as the real culprit the glucose, is allowed to continue to invade your blood, your entire body is suffering. Doctors are cashing in by selling tons of medicinal poisons, the pharmaceutical industry is getting rich and we the people are paying for it with our hard earned money and life.

Diabetes is not a disease. It is a state of toxicity caused by glucose from the dietary carbohydrates and sugars. Doctors are allowing for this poisoning to continue while telling you how it is impossible to cure diabetes and daily consumption of toxic drugs and insulin is necessary to control it.

This is the ultimate fake science we are dearly paying for not just with our hard earned cash but also with our lives as the end result of the doctor’s care is certain death.

So if you have elevated sugar or diabetes 1 and 2, do not fall for the doctors narrative. You can easily heal but not by following the instruction of the certified health “expert” we call the doctor.

Follow “The Self Healers Protocol” or give me a shout and I will lead you to health.

Love and light to us all.