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Alright, so I’m really pumped about this post. I’m keeping it real, and raw. 💁

I have been a blogger for 6 years now. In those 6 years, I have built 3 successful (my definition of success) brands, created + built a quarterly magazine for women inspired by technology, built an instagram engaging community of 22k followers (organicaly) through my journey in tech as a web developer/mag editor, traveled all around the country for events, did two public speakig events, met TONS of my followers, voluntered with one of my favs company Girl Develop It + served as a teaching assistant, met celebrities/influencers, got sponsored many times, reviewed all sorts of products and restaurants, ran my own vegan meetup club, attended the Y Combinator Female Founders Conference in San Francisco, I was invited to Seattle to meet Richard Branson, invited to a breakfast/meet with Alicia Silverstone at the park while she was in town.. you name it. And now onto a fourth one — Self Wellness Chronicles.

So, I’m back into blogging but this time… FOR ME. What does that mean? it means I don’t want to buy or invest in any more blogging tactics. I have spent thousands of dollars in hosting, domain names, themes, coding, time only to start over — #commitmentissues. I guess it’s not so much commitment but more or so the idea of being obligated to keep up with a blog because a) you’re paying for it. b) you’re paying for it. c) you’re paying for it. I’ve done it all, and it’s amazing but I think I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I just want to blog because I passionately want to, and not because I am paying for it. I am just tired of wasting money, yo — real talk!

For example, the theme I am currently using is the Zuki theme. I purchased this theme 5 years ago. And that’s $39 just sitting around, my friend. So I decided to open up this amazing blogging platform I once fell in love and used ages ago to gladly share my chronicles into self-care and wellness. Spoiler alert, I’m working on a cookbook + online course — I’ll have a newsletter, and discount code for you to sign up with, soon!

I don’t have any desire to move over to like I used to, will do just fine for what it needs to be for me (name included). It’s an amazing place for blogging, and that’s exactly what I want it to do. So I guess all I am saying is this — do whatever you want to do. you don’t need validation from anyone.

Do you, darling!


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ADHD – depression – antidepressants THE FAKE SCIENCE 3

silhouette of a person drinking behind bottles of alcohol with added filter

Nowhere is the fakery in medicine as blatant as in psychiatry.

The contributing factor to this phenomenon is the difficulty of proving or disproving the diagnosis.

As we know by now, even the word diagnosis is confusing because it signifies “two not knowing” what a hell is going on.

This leaves a lot of room for interpretation and misinterpretation of symptoms and signs of would be disorder or disease.

Let us start with the attention deficit hyperactive disorder or the ADHD.

If a child gets up and kicks a ball with an excitement and then runs after it, ups he may suffer from ADHD because the other kids are sitting down and playing with their electronic distractors.

Child playing with jet pack. Kid with jetpack at home. Success, creative and startup concept

I remember when I was young, this disease or a disorder did not exist. Like any other healthy kid, I was all over the place. My mother used to say: “where the Devil cannot go, he sends you!”.

A healthy child is supposed to be active. I think that here is the problem. Healthy is not what the leaders of our society are looking for.

A healthy kid will lead a healthy life, sharp mind, no medicines, no doctors. What a disaster. He/she can grow up healthy and realize the awkwardness of the world they are living in.

We cannot have this, let’s sedate him/her. Under what pretenses? ADHD of course. Who can disapprove this? After all, the diagnosis was done by an “expert” with a diploma in the field of deception, pardon me I wanted to say in psychiatry or psychology.

On the other hand, there are many children who are shy and quiet. We cannot allow them to be left in peace. After all, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry should be given a chance to make some extra profit on those children as well. The child is healthy only if it is reasonably active and docile.

What is reasonable and what is exaggerated only professional evaluation can distinguish and we have to obey the diagnosis.

In many instances, I had noticed how the behavior of a child changes with the change of its diet.

From an early age, children are given food loaded with dietary carbohydrates and sugar. Starting from the baby formula, pudding and vegetable pure to spaghetti, oatmeal and potato puree. Not to forget the amount of bread they are given to eat each day.

Over shoulder view of kids being served in school cafeteria

Sugar brings instant energy but as it reprograms the cells, they have difficulty to convert triglyceride into the energy once they are adjusted to glucose so a sharp drop of energy occurs one hour and a half after the child had its food or snack.

This contributes to child’s mood swings. They become hyperactive after they had sugar (carbohydrate) and then all of a sudden they slow down and become cranky.

I believe we should give them a depressant with the food and an excitotoxin hour and a half later, this will make them “normal”, what do you think?

The stupidity in medicine sees no boundaries.

I had a client who was suicidal when he contacted me. He was living in England at that time and because he was far from his family and changed the sunny skies of Venezuela for cloudy skies of London he felt depressed and asked doctors for help.

Of course, they loaded him with some SSRIs antidepressants and this is what happened.

He started to feel disoriented. Everything slowed down. Not just his movements and reactions but his metabolism as well. He started to gain weight, lost sexual appetite and erection. He was only 28 years old.

As the deterioration of his body progressed he developed more severe problems of his blood circulation with varicose veins on his legs but also on his scrotum and penis. He became a living zombie ready to kill himself.

It took three months of cleansing for him to overcome the suicidal tendencies and another year to regain sexual functionality once he adopted the Self Healers Protocol and my wife’s daily patience in communicating with him and calming him down whenever he was about to cross the line. And this was almost a daily experience in the beginning of his treatment.

One thing he had to do was to give up all of the drugs he was given by his health “experts”.

There are two natural neuron-depressants people use regularly. Those are garlic and alcohol.

They poison our nerves. This slows down our reaction time. It slows down the heart contractions, the blood circulation, and the metabolism. We do not realize the full impact those poisons do to our body. All that we know is that we get tipsy and lose our coordination. Our mind becomes foggy and we collapse.

The impact on our health from such poisons is devastating. Alcohol and garlic destroy the health of millions of people on this planet. What a blessing for the medical and the pharmaceutical industries.

For many people, this is not enough. They want something stronger with a bigger kick. They found this in drugs like the heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Since those drugs are illegal and expensive, many young people turn to legally obtained hallucinogens. Those legal drugs are manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry and legally distributed through our health providers. They are even advertised just in the case you are new in this. If you have a trouble to find heroin just ask your doctor to educate you on Oxycodone.

To suppress the neural activity of an already depressed person, the health “experts” prescribe neuron-suppressants like the citalopram (Celexa), or fluoxetine (Prozac), or paroxetine (Paxil)….

What do you think the results of suppressed activity will be?

Here are some of the results: anxiety, restlessness, sweating, shaking, fever, tachycardia, vomiting, diarrhea and you have guessed it, suicidal thoughts.

Doctors know all this and still, prescribe those drugs to their patients to help them. Help them with what exactly?

Often the pain is the excuse for the neuron-suppressing drugs to be prescribed. Another symptom that cannot be proved or disproved so it makes a perfect excuse as for the patient to ask for it so for the doctor to prescribe it.

Under what logic can a drug that slows you down help you when you are slow and depressed, to begin with? This absolutely makes no sense. As far as the pain goes, suppressing the pain does not eliminate the cause of it so as soon as the drugs suppressing effect wears off, the pain is back again. What a great business! How about addressing the cause of the pain and eliminate it once for all?

I guess this would be bad for the business so it is not done.

Crazy People cartoons, Crazy People cartoon, funny, Crazy People picture, Crazy People pictures, Crazy People image, Crazy People images, Crazy People illustration, Crazy People illustrations

It all comes to light when you think about it. The laws of the government are not the laws against the drugs. They are only the laws determining who has the right to poison the public with them. Since doctors and the pharmaceutical industry share their profits with the government, they were given the right to distribute the drugs.

The small petty dealers are sometimes sacrificed so that the big cats can be left to do their thing. I haven’t seen “Poppy”, the daddy Bush or Bill Clinton being charged in any drug scheme and they are the biggest drugs smugglers in the world.

The whole war on drugs is nothing but a big joke where again the innocent public is raped as the law of zero tolerance is paraded around and peoples belongings are being confiscated in the name of justice.

There may be occasionally a need for a neuron-suppressive drug but we do not have to invent it. They are natural and if used properly, they will not cause any addiction.

Why would they cause no addiction?

Because the drugs should be used only in the case of an emergency. When the emergency is dealt with, the true healing should start. Unfortunately, doctors have no clue what the word healing means. It is not even part of their vocabulary. The best that they are trying to do is to cure or preserve the status quo. Even here, their record is extremely poor as the health of each of their patient deteriorates rapidly under their care.

teenage girl suffering with depression in a conversation with therapist or  psychologist

What causes depression?

In a great majority of cases, the hormonal misbalance is the leading cause of depression. The other cause may be trapped bad energies and the sensitivity to decipher subtle energies and not understanding of what is going on. Sometimes people hear voices that other people cannot hear. Those could be telepathic communications but our “modern science” disregards this as nonsense and fakery.

What causes the hormonal misbalance?

If you follow my work than you know the answer to this question.

The toxic blood and improper food will alter the environment of our body. This changes the genome. The changed genetic expression will alter the cellular function which results in changes in the cellular activity. This changes the way cells handle the nutrients, the way they hydrate, the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood and subsequently the type and the number of hormones that will be produced.

It is all about the demand and supply, and everything revolves around the environment. From the quantum point, it is all about the energy and the frequency through which it is supplied.

Since our cells react directly to the frequencies through the genetic stimulation, the well-being of cells can be influenced by all of the frequencies through which that energy can be transmitted.

This is why the light, the sound, and electromagnetic frequency generators can be very beneficial in the treatment of depression as they can be effective in the treatment of any other health-related issue.

It always comes down to the same thing. If the environment is toxic, so will be the body on the cellular level, and this will manifest with a health issue.

By correcting the frequencies we are correcting the environment and allowing our cellular structure to align its genome. The final result is healing.

Through my blog, I am teaching you how every one of us can take the control of our health by correcting our environment through proper choice of the food we eat but we can strengthen the effect through the exposure to the sunlight, smell, and the soothing sound of nature or music.

As far as some electromagnetic frequency generator goes which we can use for the therapeutic purpose, there are many different versions on the market but keep in mind that the biggest and strongest frequency generator is your brain. All you have to do is to learn how to use it properly.

I believe that as the followers of my work your mind has expanded enough that you will be able to understand or at least to consider as a possibility that our brain can manifest our reality and soon I will write an article strictly on this issue.

In the meantime, lay off of the prescription drugs. There is no need for the mind-altering drugs. The neuron-suppressants are slowing your metabolism, reprogramming your genetic expression and causing overall health deterioration.

They are not the health solution, in fact, they do the contrary.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry makes them addictive and once hooked it is not that easy to get off of them. Replacing one drug with another is not the solution.

If you want to get rid of the drugs and need a help, give me a shout.

Love and light to us all.

Hypertension – salt – diuretics THE FAKE SCIENCE 2


Male doctor in white uniform holding blue label white bottle of diuretics drugs, close up

As we continue debunking the fake medicine oriented pharmaceutical science in, an attempt to rid ourselves of the unnecessary and health-threatening medicinal remedies (pharmaceutical and natural), in this article I am going to explain hypertension and the fake science that was built around it whose sole purpose is to extract your money. The healing has nothing to do with it and in the matter of fact, those drugs people are given for “controlling the blood pressure” actually cause accelerated health deterioration and creation of what we call the autoimmune diseases.

In my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” and through some of my previous articles I had explained how there is no such thing as a normal blood pressure with set parameters.

Our blood pressure will vary according to the cellular demand.

Yes, we have to get accustomed to hearing this phrase – the cellular demand. The cellular demand is actually a DNA signal.

We have to understand that every change in our body is changing its environment to which our cells respond. Those changes can be triggered by the nutrients we ingest but also by the cellular activity.

This means that if one tissue or one organ of our body changes its behavior by either accelerating or by slowing down its metabolic processes, this will send the message to the rest of the body. This is the change of the environment within the body.

Now some other tissues or organs will have to adjust its metabolism or production to compensate for those changes so that the body as a whole continues operating properly.

How does this relate to hypertension?

Let’s say that you had to sneeze. You close your eyes, tighten your facial muscles, and create a sudden contraction of your chest and abdominal wall muscles. This action forces a rapid exhalation we call sneeze and this is what we are aware of but this activity put a higher demand on the cellular activity of those muscles involved. They had increased their metabolism so more oxygen and more food is needed. At the same time, faster metabolism creates more heat so more water for cooling is necessary. All of this will be supplied through the blood and as the demand for all of this stuff was increased so must increase the speed of the transportation. This means that the blood has to start circulating faster. As the heart rate increases so does the blood pressure since higher blood volume will be involved.

As you can see, increased blood volume will raise the blood pressure. Everything is normal and in good shape but the blood pressure went up. This is why our blood pressure rises with every move we do including something as basic as talk. The act of opening our jaw will raise the blood pressure.

Hypertension cartoons, Hypertension cartoon, funny, Hypertension picture, Hypertension pictures, Hypertension image, Hypertension images, Hypertension illustration, Hypertension illustrations

There are other things which we are not aware of that will raise the blood pressure such as our digestion but a really dramatic increase in our blood pressure will be experienced with the intense brain activity. The act of fear can raise the blood pressure so high that we can actually sense the heart palpitation in our temples or in the neck arteries. We can even faint in extreme cases.

Our brain is a real energy guzzler and it can create symptoms that we can mistakenly attribute to a variety of different things and in this way misdiagnose (misunderstand) the body.

Hypertension cartoons, Hypertension cartoon, funny, Hypertension picture, Hypertension pictures, Hypertension image, Hypertension images, Hypertension illustration, Hypertension illustrations

A lingering cerebral activity as constant worrying, constant depression or any kind of fear and anger will keep the blood pressure elevated during the day.

On the other hand, there are also mechanical reasons why the blood pressure could be elevated.

When I was explaining the mechanism of inflammation I pointed that inflammation is simply a forced hydration where the blood vessels constrict to increase the overall blood volume within a tissue or an organ. This increases locally the blood pressure forcing the blood into the cells. The inflammation process increases the resistance to the blood flow in this area which will increase the blood pressure in the arteries all the way to the heart. If an organ with a large blood flow is affected by inflammation, this can noticeably increase the blood pressure over the whole body.

Such is the case with a kidney inflammation. Here I am showing you that the relation between hypertension and the kidney inflammation is actually contrary from what we are told in the medical school. Hypertension does not cause the kidney failure. Instead, the kidney failure can contribute to hypertension.

Also, the inflamed blood vessels prevent the arteries from expanding under the pressure and this increases the blood pressure as well. If the arteries stay inflamed for an extended period of time they become very dry and acidic on the cellular level. This also makes the arteries lose their elasticity and the blood pressure goes up.

Now, what is the medical response to hypertension?

Bleeding cartoons, Bleeding cartoon, funny, Bleeding picture, Bleeding pictures, Bleeding image, Bleeding images, Bleeding illustration, Bleeding illustrations

Since the primary reason for the hypertension is an increased volume of the blood, doctors used to bleed their patient. Today they call such technique barbaric and they poison the body with drugs. As the body wants to quickly eliminate this poison it engages the diuretic effect and the patient ends up eliminating a lot of water through the urination.

Here I want to mention that when the patient is bled, a pint of a toxic blood is removed so not only the blood volume went down, so did the blood’s toxicity and when the body makes a new blood it will be cleaner, less toxic. That is a good thing and a positive effect of bleeding.

When we use diuretic poison which we call medication, the body eliminates water but the toxicity will remain unchanged. This actually creates more problems as the dehydrated body cannot cleanse and becomes more polluted. Here you can see again how the modern medicine actually worsens the health situation.

So if you have been given a diuretic to “control” your blood pressure, do not think twice, just get rid of it and never look back.

There is never a case where decreased blood volume will help your health. It is just the opposite.

Only because of prolonged medically induced dehydration of our blood, the body can deteriorate on the cellular level and an extreme cellular dehydration occurs. The blood circulation can become so compromised that the water retention starts occurring and in extreme situations, only through eliminating some blood we can control the water retention. Here again, the bleeding would be a much better choice either through opening the vein or using the leaches to suck the toxic blood out of the body.

Since multiple inflammations can be causing hypertension, doctors now prescribe toxins that dilate the blood vessels. They call them the beta-blockers. If the blood vessels are inflamed as well then the combination of the diuretic and beta-blockers are needed. As you can see, none of them is designed to improve your health. They are just lowering the blood pressure.

What is wrong with this picture? Isn’t the blood pressure the problem?

As I had explained earlier, hypertension is just a symptom of something going wrong within the body but this, doctors do not even address. By artificially lowering the blood pressure they are actually working against your body.

In a case of inflammation or restricted blood passage, increased blood pressure is necessary so that the body can be properly supplied with the blood. By lowering the blood pressure we are countering the natural response of the body, we are messing with the natural autopilot of health.

Doctors are trained to implement the scare tactics by telling you how increased blood pressure can harm your health and cause a stroke. Nothing is further from the truth. Nobody ever died from elevated blood pressure, ever! But millions of people are dying daily from the consequences of doctor’s actions when they are “correctly” following the protocols of their science and millions more are dying from additional errors they commit through misdiagnosing things, administering the wrong poison and cutting the wrong organ.

Man refusing salt. Health care concept, hypertension prevention

I did mention previously that the hydration of the blood is impossible without increasing the ionic content and that the sea salt is the optimal solution as it contains all of the minerals that are normally found in the blood. Actually, if we lose a lot of blood either through prolonged menstruation or an accident, our body will rapidly replenish the lost blood if we hydrate with water and sea salt. Not only that the blood will be rapidly replaced, the new blood will be cleaner and it will help the cellular hydration and the cellular cleansing. This is what actually aids in our healing.

As you have noticed from this article, hypertension has an underlying issue and this is what should be addressed and not camouflaging the problem by artificially lowering the blood pressure.

No matter what is the reason, properly hydrated blood is required so that the body can heal itself.

This is why drinking the water with sea salt is always a good idea. Doctors are wrongly educated and actually, believe that increased levels of salt in the body will cause increased blood volume and consequential hypertension.

This can happen only when the blood circulation is compromised and the reason for hypertension, in this case, is not the higher level of the blood but the compromised blood circulation that has to be healed. Elevated blood volume and its ionic level will allow the cleansing organs to cleanse the blood and the cells. In this way, the blood circulation will be repaired and the blood pressure will normalize. This sometimes requires more time and guidance but it will happen.

One can never overfill the blood circulation with to much water. You cannot pressurize glass of water, the water will simply spill over. Same will happen in our body. The excess of salt and water will be eliminated through the blood cleansing organs and on the way, more toxins will be eliminated improving our health.

Blaming the salt for causing the hypertension is the oldest trick in the book that is used to make people more toxic and sick. It was the first manipulation of the truth that the medical and the pharmaceutical industry used to harm our health so that they gain more clients by increasing the amount of the sick people.

To make sure that people get sick even if they use enough of salt, they started to promote the artificial table salt and the bleached and iodized sea salt which both of them are toxic and unfit for the human consumption.

Just to give us some “healthy” option, they spread a lie about the exceptional benefits of the Himalayan pink salt and promote it through the “alternative” so-called “natural medicine”. This is another lie and shows you how there is a very little difference between the natural and the mainstream medicine. No matter which one you will follow, eventually you will end up sick.

Since we have been brainwashed so hard on the issue of the salt and hypertension, the majority of people are scared to the death of the proper hydration and leaving their hypertensive medication.

This is the reason why I wrote this article since the consumption of water with sea salt is the base of the deep cellular cleansing and the Self Healers Protocol.

To conquer your fear, please contact me and let me lead you to health if you are concerned with this issue. Do not let the fear control your actions. There is no healing under the influence of medication and the drugs for controlling hypertension have to go. One cannot heal under their presence.

Love an light to us all.

Bleeding cartoons, Bleeding cartoon, funny, Bleeding picture, Bleeding pictures, Bleeding image, Bleeding images, Bleeding illustration, Bleeding illustrations

Rom-Com With An Adaptogenic Hot Drink (Recipe)!

I may not be the spokeslady on romance but I will say that I watch enough Hallmark romance movies to wish upon a star. I just wrapped up Hallmark’s latest Love on The Slopes from their WinterFest and I have to say aside from the hot Cole Taylor stealing the spotlight, Alex Burns had quite the impact on me. Like her gal friend said to be a warrior, not a worrier and face your fears.. for me, that’s life.

Here I am two months shy of the big 3-0 and simply thinking — is there something I want to face before this big chapter lead? Although the idea of spending next winter up in Colorado for some winter sports does sound pretty daring, I don’t think I have an idea just yet. Or I could simply be blind to what’s in front of me… who knows. 

Until then, my body and mind decided to lean into some chill time with a little bit of sweetness. So here’s one of my personal favourite this time of year — adaptogen filled hot chocolate drink.

  • 1 1/2 cup of almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon of ashwagandha
  • 1 teaspoon of cacao powder
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (sweeten to taste)
  • 4 dashes of organic cinnamon powder

Directions: Bring mylk to a semi-boil, add ingredients in, and whisk until smooth (approx. 3 minutes). Let it simmer for another 2-5 minutes. Serve hot.

**DISCLAIMER: Any health-related tips from Self Wellness Chronicles is for educational purposes only. This educational blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please advise your physician before making any changes.


If you were asked to face one of your fears today, what would it be? 🤔


** Featured image by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash.

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atherosclerosis – cholesterol – statins FAKE SCIENCE

Pill Imprint PD 155 10 (Lipitor 10 mg)

In an attempt to help you to rid yourselves of medications I will write several articles through which I will explain the fake science which is created and publicized by the criminal organization we call the pharmaceutical industry.

The only interest of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase its revenue. The money is the name of the game.

How is the game played?

The recipe is simple and the guidelines are the same as in any other big business.

Create a product that is easy and cheap to produce, make it look inviting, advertise profoundly and sell expensively.

All these requirements are very easily met if you have the license to lie and the pharmaceutical company is full of licenses and has the right to supervise itself. The state-run agency that is supposed to control it, is bought and paid by them and the public is left on its own.

Actually, the pharmaceutical mafia went even further and by corrupting the law enforcement agency earned the right to medicate people by force.

If you do not have the money, do not worry, they will sell your house for you and keep the change. You will not need it anyway by the time the medical industry is done with you.

Well, this was just a short but truthful intro to this fake science we are about to debunk.

Atherosclerosis – cholesterol – statins, they are related and a result of the same fake science we people have to pay for.

What is atherosclerosis?

atherosclerosis. Artery wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of calcium, fat and cholesterol. It reduces the elasticity of the artery. Stock Vector - 27277777

Atherosclerosis or properly said the arteriosclerosis is a deformation of the arteries caused by narrowing the arteries which disrupt the blood flow and may cause a serious health problem.

In medical school, we are told that the cause of this is the accumulation of the cholesterol on the inner walls of the arteries. As the cholesterol accumulates, it makes the arterial opening smaller which makes it difficult for the blood to go through. Since the cholesterol involved in this process has a low-density protein bonded to the fat, we blame the LDL cholesterol for this problem and the medical industry has labeled the LDL cholesterol the bad cholesterol.

Which arteries are affected by this problem?

In the great majority of people, the arteries that are affected with the arteriosclerosis are the arteries around the heart but occasionally also the Carotid artery that supplies the blood to the neck and the brain can be affected and peripheral arteries, which supply blood to the legs, arms, and pelvis, also experience marked narrowing.

Actually, when we are talking about our legs, the blood vessels that will be affected most will be the veins (varicose veins), not the arteries. Why is this so?

Because in our extremities the venous blood is exposed to a stronger pressure.

The doctors have been told that the plaque buildup in the arteries starts as soon as we are born and it increases as we get older presenting problems after the age of 45-50 years of age.

This is a lie.

Since we are polarized, this is an impossibility but we are not told anything about our electromagnetic properties in the medical school so that we can be lied to.

To prevent things sticking to each other they are kept apart by the magnetic fields. Everything in our body is polarized. Since the blood vessels are positively charged on the inside they are negatively charged on the outside.

So that the blood particles do not stick to the arterial walls, all the blood particles are also positively charged. This means that the cholesterol itself is positively charged as well.

Stronger is the electromagnetic charge of the body, the stronger is the magnetic field around the blood vessels and around the blood particles. The stronger is the magnetic field the further will be the particles repealed from each other and from the arterial wall. The blood particles will not be bouncing one into another and neither will they be touching the wall of the blood vessels. This means no sedimentation of any kind can occur.

Since young children have clean blood and no stress, their electromagnetic field is strong and there is not an even remote possibility of them having circulatory problems. Every rule has an exception and sickly mother can produce a sickly child.

'Your cholesterol is high. Lay off the sea food.'

People with the polluted blood are at risk as their electromagnetic potential is low and their blood particles clump together and rub onto the arterial walls because of the weak magnetic charge.

Since we eat dietary glucose our body becomes acidic. The buffer from the bones is recommissioned into the blood to maintain the alkalinity of the blood and the calcium cannot be sedimented into the bones for the lack of the buffer. This leaves the calcium circulating in saturation. Some calcium will be removed through the urine, some will be crystallized in the kidney stones and some will start to bond to the weak magnetic arterial wall as the alkaline environment crystallizes the calcium into the blood vessels causing them to become brittle.

A brittle blood vessel will crack when it is exposed to increased pressure. The cracked blood vessel will expose the negatively charged outer layer of the blood vessel and the blood particles will start to bond to it. Since the LDL cholesterol is sticky it will bond all of the other particles and itself to the negatively charged arterial damage and prevent the blood from escaping.

This is why the arterial damages appear in the arteries with the highest blood pressure in the body like the heart for example.

Once the arterial damage is repaired, the positive charge returns and pushes the cholesterol back into the blood circulation.

Unfortunately, doctors are not familiar with the working of our body so they do not understand what is happening and blame the LDL cholesterol for the disturbance that is happening in the blood vessel. Instead of helping the blood vessel to repair itself, doctors are told to reduce the availability of the LDL cholesterol in the blood. This not only that it does not solve anything, reduced levels of the cholesterol prevent the body from healing as the cholesterol is the building block of our cellular membranes.

What is cholesterol?

The cholesterol is a building material our cells use to repair, reinforce, or build new cellular membranes. The cholesterol is also the base for most hormones in the body. Our body produces exactly the amount and type of cholesterol that was ordered by the cellular demand.

Our cells will use this cholesterol to build stronger muscles, protect the cells from irritants, prevent the cells from losing water, build neurons, hormones… so you can just imagine what havoc we can create if we intentionally prevent its production.

Well, this is exactly what statin drugs are designed to do. They prevent cholesterol synthesis.

Contrary to what we have been told, we cannot absorb the cholesterol through the food we eat no matter how much cholesterol there is in our food.

The cholesterol we eat will be broken down with the digestion into fatty acids and protein and the protein will be further broken into the amino acids. What we are going to absorb is the fatty acids and the amino acids. Our body will then use those acids and create whatever the cells demand.

If our cells need building material our body will produce protein and bond it to the fatty acids creating the cholesterol. If not, our body will bond the fatty acids to the glycerol and produce triglyceride for energy demands.

Our body is intelligent, it knows what to do. This is not what I can say about our doctors. Not that they are not intelligent, they are misled and too stupid or uninterested to realize it.

We have to be open to learning new things. Even this science I was just explaining is a Mickie mouse play when it comes to the real quantum understanding and we have to get there to be able to control our body and mind.

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Knowing this what I have explained, it becomes obvious that we should never interfere with the cholesterol production. This means that if you are taking any type of statin (the cholesterol-lowering drug) stop ingesting it immediately. You do not have to do it gradually. Simply stop and throw them away.

If a doctor suggests that you take them, you suggest to that doctor to go back to school and learn about the cholesterol.

There are no ifs and buts about it. There is NEVER A NEED FOR CHOLESTEROL REDUCING DRUG. All they can do is to harm your health.

So, if you are medicated and want to rid yourself of medication start here, ditch the statins (cholesterol reducing drugs) first.

If you still have your doubts and prefer to be guided, let me know and I will guide you.

Love and light


Woman dragging a man who's affected by a fear of flying through an airport, EPS 8 vector illustration

Many times I have mentioned how the reason for our ill health is a toxicity on the cellular level.

This toxic pollution can be caused by cells ingesting it or by the inability of our cells to eliminate their waste.

We are well aware of the health issues that arise when we live with constipation.

When we are constipated, we are not eliminating and cleansing our digestive tract. This causes stagnation of energy. We feel heavy, bloated and sleepy. Our energy diminishes and we cannot function normally.

If we allow this to persist, our health rapidly declines. Putrefaction process starts, more toxic elements form, and the result is inflammation of our intestines.

If our cells do not eliminate their waste, similar thing happen and the end result will be the inflammation.

To be able to eliminate their waste, our cells require water, sodium, oxygen, and energy (electric energy).

Sodium and oxygen will merge under the influence of high voltage electric impulse and produce potassium in a process we call the cold fusion. The buildup of potassium inside of the cell will trigger the cellular osmotic pump and water will start flowing into the cell. Once the cells water level increases, the pressure is created that allows for the toxic elements to be flushed out from the cell.

Now as I have mentioned all of this in an article about a fear, what is the role of the fear in all of this?

Well, what is fear?

The fear is an emotion of an unpleasant thought that scares us or makes us feel uneasy about something and it lingers in our conscious and subconscious mind.

Someone can scare us with sudden noise but as we realize what has happened we calm down and we do not give it a second thought, we do not hold it in, we are no longer fearful of it.

Sometimes our fears overwhelm us and we start avoiding things we love to do because of the fear factor that may be associated with them. Many people refuse to swim in the sea because of the fear of shark. Some people avoid walking on the grass because of the fear of snakes. Some people avoid forest because of the fear of spiders. Those extreme fears that prevent us from doing things we call phobias.

The most common fear phenomenon is the fear of death and closer to it we think we are, the more we fear it.

Encouraging the newcomer, the trainer says, "Let's try it once without the parachute".

When we are young we do not give it another thought. Older we are and sicker we feel the more focus is given to death and more fear it creates.

Why do I write about fear?

Because the fear is a form of stress that lingers. It stays with us day and night, day after day especially if we are in the situation where it can materialize, manifest itself.

The fear creates a stress that is robing the body of the energy it needs making us toxic on the cellular level.

Our cells cannot hydrate, they become acidic and toxic. Our organs stop functioning, our brain fogs up. The complete collapse of our health can occur if we do not control our fear.

Another common reason that triggers the fear is change.

Cartoon man running away from woman holding a card sign saying, will you marry me? Cartoon vector illustration on fear of man for marriage commitment concept isolated on grey background.

Our brain is a programmed robot that fears everything that it is not accustomed to. If you want it to do something new it will respond with the fear, the fear of change. More often you expose the brain to changes, the less fearful will it become of them.

This is very important when we are talking about healing. Since we are programmed with the wrong information as far as our health goes, we become fearful to do something that contradicts our knowledge (belief). In this way, even when we follow the new instructions and provide our body with what it needs (water, sea salt, saturated animal fats and proteins….) our cells will remain short on the energy as the fear makes it impossible to flow and our cells stay dehydrated, acidic and toxic and our health cannot improve.

I am noticing this over and over again. Everyone who is following “The Self Healers Protocol” and does it in fear has a rough time with achieving the beneficial healing results. Their hydration, their cleansing, and their sub-sequential healing are extremely slow.

The fear is the result of our brain’s activity, it does no benefits to our survival, it only prevents us from experiencing the life to our fullest capacity. Fear is just another of our senses with which we can measure the intensity in which we are experiencing certain events.

We cannot assume that the fear is not an important factor in us experiencing the life, but we have to be able to have the upper hand over it so that the fear does not end up causing further problems and prevents us from experiencing what we came here to experience.

The only way to control our fears is by understanding the nature of things that are happening around us. The more we understand, the less we are going to fear whatever is being thrown at us.

The more you are familiar with the spider, the less you will fear the forest.

The more you become familiar with the shark, the less fear you will have to go and swim in the sea.

The more you understand the life, the less you will fear the death.

The more you understand the health, the less you will fear the disease.

It all depends on how you program your brain. This is why we have to continue reprogramming our brain. Replacing the faulty programs with the new ones, eliminating the confusion and the fear that the brain will create when it is exposed to something that it does not know or does not understand or it knows but in a wrong way.

You cannot heal if you are afraid of what you are doing no matter how beneficial it is what you do. And I am not even talking about the manifestation, just the simple act of energy disturbance.

young desperate man sitting at hospital bed alone sad and devastated suffering depression crying at clinic for serious disease diagnose feeling worried and in fear about health

You have to have faith and trust the things that you do. This is why I go to such lengthy explanations. Things have to make sense to be understood and not to be feared. You cannot sit comfortably on two chairs at the same time. Neither can you follow one set of instruction comfortably if you have doubt because of some other contradictory information that you have been exposed to.

Doubt trigger fear. The fear creates stress. The stress robs you of energy an creates the cellular toxicity.

The cellular toxicity results in cellular dysfunction we call disease.

Learn to conquer your fear by learning the truth about yourself, and the events of which you are part of and call them your life.

Celebrate for you have graduated my eternal family, I love you all.

How to make a change this new year and STICK to it!

January is here and you’ve made your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight this year. It’s a great start if you’ve made a decision to lose weight or improve your health, BUT, according to Forbes, only 8% of people who make a New Year’s Resolution actually achieve it. 8%!!!

Why is this?

When a New Year Resolution is created, it’s usually with the intension of it lasting the whole year, for example ‘in 2018 I want to lose 30lbs’,’I want to slim down for a summer wedding in 7 months time’ or ‘I want to get healthier’ – none of these are achieved overnight or even in a month or 2 so they would be classed as long term objectives.

For the first two or three weeks in January we are focused, we are determined, we failed with last year’s resolution so this year we must stick to it! Towards the end of the month the focus and determination tends to wear off, perhaps boredom of doing the same gym routine 3 days a week, or eating the same boring food everyday.


Setting a resolution

A resolution (or just a goal as I refer to it) can be a really good way of making a change or improvement to your life. Goals are a great way of staying on track and helping to get to where you want to be.

I have set goals since the beginning of my weight loss journey and it has helped me to lose and maintain almost 7 and a half stone (46kg/103lb) and find a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I like to have 3 or 4 bigger goals for the year but I also set 3 to 5 smaller goals each month – this helps me to stay focused and make progress while working to achieve my overall goal.

I recommend using SMART objectives to set your goals. These objectives are frequently used by managers to achieve their business goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time.

Applying SMART to weight loss

  • Specific – ‘I want to lose 2 stone” or “I want to run a half marathon”
  • Measurable – ‘I’ll weigh myself weekly’ or ‘I’ll measure my fitness levels’
  • Achievable – “I will eat healthy food and go to the gym 3 times a week’
  • Realistic – “am I willing to work towards this goal?” “is it worthwhile?”
  • Time – “Is there a time limit for me to achieve this goal?” or “When do I want to have achieved this goal by?”

You can find out more about SMART goals here

So how do I stick to a resolution?

  • Write down your goals – seeing your goals written down in your own handwriting can dramatically increase the likelihood of achieving your goals
  • Set smaller goals too – monthly or quarterly goals will help to keep you on track while you work towards your overall goal
  • Mix things up – change your workout routine and your diet plan regularly to keep it interesting, this will help to create a healthy lifestyle long term
  • Remind yourself of your progress – working towards a big goal means that it could be a while before you start to see results, remind yourself of how well you have done and stay motivated (read my motivation blog for ideas on staying motivated)
  • Stay focused – remind yourself why you set the goal and why you want to achieve it
  • Enjoy working towards your goal – enjoying your journey and seeing/feeling progress and will make it so much easier to achieve long term!
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A Few Things To Remember And Take Into The New Year.


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First off.  I’m just me.  No expert.  But this year has been one to learn a lot from.  So I wanted to share it.  To possibly help another person.  This is why I have a blog. To share what I learn, to possibly help another.

So, I hope you take and find something in this post that will help you in the coming New Year.




Never Give Up On Where You Feel You Need To Be.


In work, in your life, in your personal life, in your health and fitness, in your nutrition, etc. Do NOT give up on moving forward to that place in your heart, mind and soul you KNOW you were meant to be, meant to reach.  That place you need to be, to be the best you, you can be.  The most authentic you, possible.  The BEST you possible.  You will feel it as a driving force, something you NEED to do, need to follow, a need to get where you want to be, where you need to be.  Where you were meant to be.  Never stop moving forward to that place.





Be Kind To Yourself.


NEVER be easy on yourself that you don’t push yourself to get the job, whatever it is , done.  BUT, if you stumble or trip, be easy on that heart.  It’s working hard, it’s fighting each day.  If you are doing your best, keep doing it.   If you feel you aren’t, Then do it.  It will always be the best thing for you, To put that effort in and to do your best.  The best thing for your heart.

If you are not getting the results your hoped for, Then change it up.  Try something else, something new, but never stop trying and always be understanding to the person who is fighting each day and sincerely trying.




 Be Kind To Others.


This is something that no matter what is happening, you are dealing with or going through, continue to do.  ALL good will come back to you.  ALL good.  I believe it never goes unseen or unheard.

For me that is God.  Maybe for you, it’s something else.   Kindness is never wasted or useless,  it never will be a mistake.  Be true to yourself and be you.  Give to others and be kind. Give of yourself.  You will only grow and expand as a kind and loving heart.  It’s something the world needs more of… we ALL need more of it.

It will always be something right.




Be Honest


This is something that I have always made a point of for myself.  It’s very simple.

Honesty will always be the best route and the best and right choice.  It will always be respected.






Have Faith


Keep going.  Keep trying.  Because even in your worst moment, there is another one coming up.  It will be a better one.  Only if it’s even just SLIGHTLY a better one at the moment..  It will change.  No matter what it is, or how long it might take, it will change because change is one of the constants of this life.  It is something you can count on.  Change is inevitable.

I’m not great…. at change.  But I THINK I am getting better, slowly,  at it.  Never give up.  No matter what it looks like right now, the next moment or maybe it will take 10, 000 next moments.  Yes … might take 10, 000 next moments……but it will come.  That corner… that turn, that better moment.  IS coming…  So, Never….Give….Up. 

You OWE this to yourself.





That brings us up to……….. change.  Blech. lol



Change.  Try Not To Hate It.  Try To Appreciate It.


Oh boy.  Yep. I said that.   Why..  Because its coming no matter what you do.  It’s coming.  It can be good or bad.   I’m finding the best thing is to be it’s friend.  For your sake.  Find a way to welcome it.  Now, if it’s a bad change.  I know that will be and feel impossible.   I know.  But somewhere in that change, I have a feeling, there will be something at some point that will happen that will be good in some way.  Oh it may take a long time, maybe a REALLY long time….to see or feel …or actually find.   But something good, in some part of the change, maybe  even because of it, somewhere, will be good.

When I lost my Mom, a change no one should ever know.  It took a LONG TIME , but in the middle of it there was a tiny ray of hope that got bigger and grew…and life changed…. and I became a different person….Change.   Learn to like, live with  …or at least be better with change.  I’m still trying.  But I’m trying.   Change.

It’s not always bad.  🙂





My hope and wish and prayer for everyone is to have a wonderful New Year, a year full of love, health and happiness!.  🙂




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