Holiday Eating: Can You Do It Healthy? Yes. A Couple Of Tips How!.








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It’s the holiday season once again folks!.

We just had Thanksgiving!.


Don’t tell me…it was a mine field of festive foods.

TONS …of festive foods as far as the eye could see!.

They were everywhere,   right?.


E- V -E- R- Y- W- H -E- R- E.



Well, hold on to your hat because it’s not over yet… Christmas is coming soon.

Very, soon!!!.


“How are you going to handle it.?”


idk seinfeld shrug jerry shrugging

Was this what you were thinking ?

 That Holiday Decision


“To eat it all , or not to eat it all.  That, is the question.”


The “holiday season”  it means there will be more than a few tough decisions you will be faced with when it comes to all the holiday foods that will be paraded in front of you.

You know, cookies, eggnog, pies, pastries, gravy, hors d’oeuvres  etc.

The list goes on and on….. and on,


and on…….


I know it’s the holidays and it’s a time of celebrating, family, friends and fun….and I know, and have heard all the usual reasons “that letting go” and just eating all those holiday foods is. “OK”.

Yes,  I have heard them all….a million times…


“It’s a holiday.”

“It’s a time of enjoying those foods and relaxing.”


and my favorite is:

“It’s just ONE day.”


 Come on, let’s be honest,  It’s not “just one day.”


Thanksgiving goes for daaaaays with leftovers and more leftovers and THEN,  well here comes Christmas a few weeks later.  Christmas dinner, more leftovers and cookies, etc.  from Christmas can go until New Years.   Then it’s more holiday foods for New Years Eve and New Years day!!!… and for possibly even a few days after that!.


Hold on….Just a day !??!        Who said that anyway ?! LOL



First….that is so NOT true……. and take a look at this:


“Most Americans who gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve don’t lose that weight ever again,   Some meals people eat during the holidays can add up to 2,000 calories or more.  You  can actually put on an extra pound every day if you keep indulging like this. Then  you become used to the higher calorie intake, it may seem like normal and you can continue on that level.”



I never really want to say it. “Pass on the holiday food.”


That’s a tough fact though, isn’t it?.    Worth reading again and really, really, thinking about.  The truth is the truth.  Your body doesn’t go “Oh hey it’s the holidays, we’ll just not count all those holiday calories!.   You’re welcome.”    


So what to do about it.



Making A Healthier Choice


The holidays are so important to everyone.    I love spending time with my family, I love the decorating, I love all of it!.  The traditions my Mom created, my Grandma and great Grandmothers,  I love keeping them alive … It all means so much!.  I love to do that for my family.   I enjoy it so much!.   Many of those traditions are recipes… but today,  where I can,  I make them healthier.


Grandma would understand  lol.


I  do understand why people love to eat all those great tempting holiday foods.   I grew up with them just like you did.

I don’t think much has changed in that I think in SO MANY cases during the holiday season we push ourselves to eat more than we really , really, are actually hungry, for.  We feel we should have a little of everything, I guess, or possibly not disappoint relatives, who take the time to cook, or bake for us…(maybe not upset Aunt Jackie that we didn’t try her new fruitcake recipe or the cookies that cousin Jenny worked so hard on).     I also think we have some weird notion that because “it’s the season”, we should eat it.


(Whew.  That’s a lot of pressure for something that is supposed to be enjoyable, the holidays, isn’t it ? )


But, Ok, but how about the hard work YOU have done, over the past YEAR  and your goals?.  All the hard work you put into getting in better shape and eating right?.

For myself,  I choose not to mess up what hard work I have done for the past year.    I did mess it up it so MANY times.  Every time.  It’s soooooo easy, isn’t it?.  

Once you allow the cookies and pies that maybe you backed off from throughout the past year …in…it just can make it tougher to get back to thinking and eating like the motivated and dedicated person you were during this year…   I bet you have gone through that too.


So why KEEP doing it?????.

Like I said, I did over and over, and so…I cut it all out.  Period.   Yep,  I just wanted to get the job done. I know everyone does.  I guess I just figured if I did it would be easier and I would be more successful. —   It was just a choice that I wanted to make.  I have always felt great about making that choice though.

I understand though, most people won’t don’t want to do that though and enjoy the holiday foods.  So….



1.  Remember the hard work you did throughout the year.

I really mean it.  When you are offered more cookies or reach for that second piece of pie.

Just really think and FEEL what it was like on your toughest day at the gym or your hardest workout. Then ask yourself is it really worth it.

If you can do that, I doubt you will reach for a second piece of pie.



2.  Remember it’s really OK to say, “No, thank you.”   


Yes.  Yes it is.  


Naturally, be polite,  and with kindness for all their hard work…. just say “No, thank you.”


Yes, you can.


 Sounds easy.  Simple tips.  No.  It’s not easy.   But it IS the truth.   If you remember all your hard work and dedication, It will be easier to pass on those tempting foods.

Wrap Up


The message here is to have a happy holiday season!.  Enjoy time with family and friends.  Just don’t forget in the midst of Aunt Jackie’s fruitcake and Cousin Kathy’s pumpkin pie, all the work you did throughout the year.

I’m really just saying take it easy.  I know food is a huge part of celebrating the holidays.

(What I think about that, is for another blog post. lol)


Just do yourself this HUGE favor…  In the midst of all the foods that are tempting you…remember the hard work you did eating healthy and exercising all this year and not get too caught up in all the holiday eating that it makes it just that much more difficult and harder on you…to get back into the swing of living healthy and eating right.



Give yourself a gift this holiday season.


A  healthier and easier running start…. into the New Year!


After all, you deserve it!!.





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( —–Excerpt from:   —Weight Gain During the Holidays Is Hard to Undo”  —  Registered Dietitian, Health Counselor  —  )



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