Knowledge To Your Ear: #gowrkgrls™ Radio!

There’s a new girl gang in town, and I am a major fan —  #gowrkgrls™. If you remember Ladypreneur League then you’re in for a treat because #gowrkgrls™ is the 2.0 version brought to you by the ultimate boss gal, Porsha Thomas. Porsha is bringing us gals with an app that will help us connect, and hire professional women for our businesses. Whether it’s branding, budgeting, legal advice, or development, #gowrkgrls™ will soon become our go-to before anything else.

Don’t fret, even with the app in production, Porsha has managed to keep us engaged with a podcast. The #gowrkgrls™ Radio has launched its first season, with its first episode starring Sydia Bell “how it didn’t go according to plan”. You can hear it below, and on the #gowrkgrls™ Podcast Soundcloud Page.


Let me know what you think of the first episode, give #gowrkgrls™ a follow, and sign up for feature news regarding the #gowrkgrls™ official app coming soon!

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