Road Trips Are Essentials — It’s Time For A Ride. 

In an era where all things are possible online, it can be challenging to dive outside of your routine — pack up, and go! Yes, I’m talking traveling. A misconception of traveling I used to dwell on is that traveling should be done when your place of work grants your vacation days, or after saving money because — can’t afford it. When I speak to other people about why they haven’t traveled as much, these are also the two answers that become runner-up. If you’ve read the latest posting titled “exploring your city is a form of self-care” you know that it doesn’t have to cost much to see what’s in your own backyard.

I am very thankful that last year I had the chance to travel every other month with my best friend ds. Together we explored Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, New York (2x), Athens, Georgia, and Alabama. ✈ #jetsetters

— You can learn a lot about a person through traveling.

It is SO healthy to find a companion to travel with. It may sound funny to read but finding the right person to travel with is like taking a compatibility test. It matters. There are tons of details that come into play such as:

  • are you both a fan of walking in the city exploring or much rather uber everywhere? 
  • are you both comfortable sharing a room together? ds (male) and I share rooms and we’re pretty okay with hearing each other snore. #bff
  • are you both open to trying different things when it comes to eating out? Ditch the chain, eat locally. 
  • are you both taking in the moment to breathe, and seek a point of relaxation in a new city or are you simply on your phone doing it for the ‘gram?

Taking a trip somewhere doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself over a five-star resort on a private island. Nah. 🙅 It means taking that extra step to see the other states that surround you. I live in Georgia, and my surroundings states are Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. Have I gone to each one yet? Absolutely! And it didn’t take much time either. Knowing where to go first, and knocking down popular sight-seeings helps — make a list. Each of these states is a couple hour from me which translates to #daytrip in my book. If you feel like you’re falling in love with a city and need more time? Book a room, and enjoy some more!

I find leaving my surroundings once a month helps with my mental health and creative side, as it brings me back to reality with a boost of energy filled new ideas. Plus, food. 🤤

I encourage you to take the challenge to visit a new place this year. Again, it doesn’t have to be to a galaxy far far away but simply a 2-hour drive to an unknown location around you.

Are you a jet-setter?! ✈🚂🚌 — Do you plan and take road trips every once in a while?! 


** Featured image by Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash.**

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